Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a service offered by the USPS designed to help small businesses market themselves to their local community. You don't need specific names or addresses; you just need to know the zip code of any neighborhoods you want to contact. It's an affordable way to expand a company's reach.

This is a great service to offer your clients that are looking for a local marketing campaign.

We offer Postcard sizes that meet EDDM specifications. When you want to place an order for EDDM, take a look at the "Size" dropdown menu. The 4-Color Offset Postcards that meet USPS requirements are clearly marked. Simply order the Postcards and take them to the neighborhood post office for mailing.

The USPS offers solutions for businesses of all sizes and marketing goals. Many smaller businesses prefer to market locally; they can use EDDM to target specific neighborhoods they may be familiar with. For example, a local pizza restaurant may target a 5 mile radius near college areas while a law firm targets downtown or areas with a lot of office buildings.

Getting started with EDDM for the first time is a bit complicated, so we highly recommend reading all the details and downloading the information that the USPS offers on their website. EDDM is a great option if you plan on sending mailings more than 4 times a year because once you get it set up and you are familiar with the process, it can save money. However, if you plan to send mailings out a couple times a year, it's likely a smarter option to use direct mail since we handle everything for you.

Not every post office participates in EDDM, so be sure to contact the post office you plan on using prior to ordering.

To get started, follow the directions:

  • Click on the CHOOSE YOUR EDDM ROUTE button below
  • Enter the zip code for the selected area(s)
  • Make your route selections from the map
  • Create a free account on U.S.P.S. website to save your route selection
  • Save the EDDM PDF paperwork to your computer
  • Return to zipmailxpress.com
  • Place your order and then >Email Us the EDDM PDF paperwork

zipmailXpress EDDM Qualified Sizes

9" x 6.5" | 8.5" x 7" | 12" x 4.25" | 11" x 6" | 12" x 9" | 8.5" x 11".